International Prospecting Center (IPC):
Explore Energy Opportunities Globally

Welcome to the International Prospecting Center (IPC) Pavilion, a key highlight of the EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition!

About IPC Pavilion

The IPC Pavilion is your gateway to global energy exploration opportunities. This specialized space within the EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition is designed for countries to present licensing opportunities in oil and gas, geothermal, wind energy, and CCS. With a dedicated stage for presentations and an exhibition area, the IPC Pavilion provides an unparalleled platform to showcase geological potential.

In Collaboration with NVentures

We are proud to announce our collaboration with NVentures, a strategic partner in organizing this year’s IPC Pavilion. With their expertise, we aim to elevate the experience for participants and attendees alike.


Join us in unlocking the potential of energy exploration. Don’t miss this chance to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the future of energy exploration!

Ways to Participate

1. Exhibit with a Booth
Countries and participating companies have the opportunity to exhibit their licenses and geological richness through dedicated booths. Engage with industry professionals, investors, and potential collaborators while showcasing the unique energy potential your country offers.

2. Sponsor the IPC Pavilion (Includes a Booth)
For enhanced visibility and recognition, we invite supporting companies to consider sponsoring the IPC Pavilion. Sponsors not only secure a booth for showcasing their offerings but also gain exclusive promotional benefits throughout the event.

Showcase Your Country's Profile Online

As an added benefit, all participating countries will receive a short online profile. This profile will be featured on our website, offering global visibility and an opportunity to highlight your country’s unique energy exploration opportunities to a wider audience.

IPC Sponsors

IPC Supporting Organization

IPC Participants


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