Date Track Presentations
17/10/2021 Workshop 02 <a href="">WS02: Acoustic and Elastic Wave Equation Imaging and Velocity Model Building</a>
17/10/2021 Workshop 02 09:20~WS02_01|The Quest for the Success of Acoustic Full Waveform Inversion|F. Liu<1>*, J. Mao<1>, J. Sheng<1>, Y. Huang<1>$<1> TGS
17/10/2021 Workshop 02 09:40~WS02_02|Acoustic FWI for Salt and Sub-Salt Update from Simple Initial Models|C. Wang<1>*, P. Farmer<1>, C. Calderon<1>, I. Jones<1>, J. Brittan<1>$<1> ION
17/10/2021 Workshop 02 10:40~WS02_04|Extending the Potential of Acoustic Optimal Transport FWI in the South of Oman|S. Shutova<1>, D. Carotti<1>*, O. Hermant<1>$<1> CGG
17/10/2021 Workshop 02 11:00~WS02_05|A Modular Wavefield Inversion Process, Including Internal Multiples, Transmission and Converted Waves|E. Verschuur<1>*, L. Hoogerbrugge<1>$<1> Delft University of Technology
17/10/2021 Workshop 02 14:00~WS02_08|When Do We Need Elastic Waveform Inversion for Velocity Model Building? Marine and Land Examples|C. Pérez Solano<1>*, G. Chang<1>, R. Plessix<2>, K. Bao<1>, A. Stopin<2>, X. Wang<1>$<1> Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.; <2> Shell Global Solutions International BV
17/10/2021 Workshop 02 14:20~WS02_09|Acoustic versus Elastic 3-D FWI: A Case Study at the East Pacific Rise 9ºN|M. Marjanovic<1>*, R. Plessix<2>, A. Stopin<2>$<1> Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP); <2> Shell Global Solutions International
17/10/2021 Workshop 02 15:20~WS02_10|3D Elastic FWI for Land Seismic Data: A Graph Space OT Approach|W. HE<1,2>*, R. Brossier<1>, L. Metivier<1,3>$<1> University Grenoble Alpes, ISTerre; <2> Aramco Beijing Research Center, Aramco Asia; <3> University Grenoble Alpes, CNRS, LJK
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 <a href="">WS03: Uncertainty Quantification and Visualisation in Geological Modelling</a>
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 09:15~WS03_KN1|Keynote Presentation|F. Wellmann<1>*$<1> AICES
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 10:25~WS03_KN2|Keynote Presentation|B. Zehner<1>*$<1> BGR
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 11:20~WS03_01|Assessing and Communicating Geological Model Uncertainty|A.K. Turner<1>*, M. Bianchi<2>$<1> Colorado School of Mines; <2> British Geological Survey
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 11:40~WS03_02|Data Uncertainty Assessment for Optimising Marine Subsurface Applications|L. Kint<1>*, V. Hademenos<2>, R. De Mol<3>, J. Stafleu<4>, S. Van Heteren<4>, V. Van Lancker<1,2>$<1> Operational Directorate Natural Environment, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences; <2> Renard Centre of Marine Geology, Ghent University; <3> Database, Document and Content Management, Ghent University; <4> TNO - Geological Survey of the Netherlands
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 13:00~WS03_03|Uncertainty Quantification Enhancement by Combining Data of Varying Accuracy and Precision|J. Chautru<1>*, H. Binet<1>, P. Masoudi<1>, S. Rodriguez<2>, M. Papouin<2>$<1> Geovariances; <2> Neptune Energy International S.A.
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 13:20~WS03_04|Uncertainty of the Geological Framework Model of the Netherlands|W. Dabekaussen<1>*, H.J. Hummelman<1>$<1> TNO - Geological Survey of the Netherlands
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 13:40~WS03_05|Visualisation of Uncertainty in Voxel Models of the Shallow Subsurface of the Netherlands|J. Stafleu<1>*, D. Maljers<1>, J. Gunnink<1>$<1> TNO
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 14:00~WS03_06|Case Studies Evaluating Accuracy and Uncertainty in Site Scale Geological 3D Models|T. Kearsey<1>*, K. Whitbread<1>$<1> British Geological Survey
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 14:20~WS03_07|Quantification of Effective Permeability Uncertainty Estimation on Geothermal Aquifer Scale|M. Verberne<1,2>*, R. Dalman<1>, J. Breunese<1>, B. Van Kempen<1>, K. Geel<1>$<1> TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands; <2> Utrecht University
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 14:40~WS03_08|Using Dempster-Shafer Theory to Model Uncertainty in Petrophysical Interpretation|F.M. Miotti<1>*$<1> Independent
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 15:30~WS03_09|Realistic Uncertainty Estimation in an Integrated Geostatistical Seismic Property Modeling|A. Moradi Tehrani<1>*$<1> CGG Jason (Netherlands) B.V.
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 15:50~WS03_10|Subset 3D Geological Modelling for Petroleum Reservoir Estimation|E. Pakyuz-Charrier<1>*, J. Keetley<1>$<1> Intrepid Geophysics
17/10/2021 Workshop 03 16:10~WS03_11|Geological Uncertainty Quantification: A Futile Attempt in the Absence of a Decision Context|B. Jafarizadeh<1>*$<1> Heriot-Watt University
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 <a href="">WS04: Integrated Applications of Non-Seismic Geophysics (gravity, magnetics and electromagnetics)</a>
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 09:05~WS04_KN1|Keynote Presentation: What the Business Needs, Expects and Gets from Integrating Non-Seismics: A Large Business’s Perspective|D. Smit$<1> Shell
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 09:30~WS04_01|CSEM: Anomaly Diagnostics and Its Value for Exploration|L. Lerchbaumer<1>*, J.R. Granli<1>, D. Watts<2>, C. Sholl<2>$<1> OMV Norge; <2> CGG Geoscience
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 09:45~WS04_02|Creating Common Earth Models that are Consistent with Structural Geology and Geophysics, and Estimating Their Uncertainties|D. FitzGerald<1>, E. Pakyuz-Charrier<1>*, R. Paterson<1>, J. Keetley<1>$<1> Intrepid Geophysics
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 10:50~WS04_KN2|Keynote Presentation: A Software Platform for Multi-physics Applications of Joint Wavefield Inversion|D. Rovetta<1>*, D. Colombo<2>, T. Al-Yousuf<2>, E. Sandoval<2>, E. Turkoglu<2>, G. McNeice<2>, A. Kontakis<1>$<1> Aramco Overseas Company BV; <2> Saudi Aramco
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 11:30~WS04_04|De-Risking Albanian Overthrust Plays by integrated Magnetotelluric, Gravity and Passive Seismic Inversion|W. Soyer<1>*, R. Streich<2>, G. Jansson<2>, S. Hallinan<1>, S. Witte<2>$<1> CGG; <2> Shell
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 11:30~WS04_05|Joint Stochastic Constraint of a Salt Dome: An Emulator-Based Full Monte Carlo Approach|A. Roberts<1>*, R.W. Hobbs<1>, M. Goldstein<1>, M. Moorkamp<2>, M. Jegen<3>, B. Heincke<4>$<1> Durham University; <2> TU Munich; <3> Geomar; <4> Geos
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 11:45~WS04_06|Frontier exploration de-risking and seismic imaging enhancement through multi-physics data integration|I. Guerra<1>*, G. Bancalà<1>, A. Battaglini<1>, F. Ceci<1>, L. De Luca<1>, S. Panepinto<1>, S. Ratti<1>$<1> Schlumberger
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 13:15~WS04_KN3|Keynote Presentation: The Value of Non-Seismics in Subsurface Interpretation: Total's View|A. Price<1>*$<1> Total
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 13:40~WS04_07|Integrated Interpretation of CSEM Using Rock Physics|J.P. Morten<1>*, L. Berre<1>$<1> EMGS ASA
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 13:55~WS04_08|Integration of Multiphysics Data Sets for Subsurface Imaging through Petrophysical Data and a Fuzzy C-Means Formalism|Y. Li<1>*, J. Sun<2>, J. Capriotti<1>$<1> Colorado School of Mines; <2> University of Houston
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 14:10~WS04_09|Data Integration with Deliberate Ignorance: Thoughts about and Examples of Pattern- and Process-Based Approaches|H. Paasche<1>*$<1> UFZ Leipzig
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 14:25~WS04_10|Integrated Salt Interpretation – Concepts and Cases|M. Krieger<1>*$<1> Terrasys Geophysics
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 15:10~WS04_11|Myth | Power | Value in Multi-Physics Interpretation and Inversion|E. Biegert<1>*$<1> Independent
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 15:40~WS04_13|Constraining Basinal Elements in the Lotikipi Basin, NW Kenya, from Ternary Imaging of Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry Data|C. Murphy<1>*, R. Farnell<1>, C. Bellamy<1>$<1> Bell Geospace
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 15:55~WS04_14|Magnetic Estimation of the Curie Temperature Depth Following a Global Evaluation of Tectonic Settings and Crustal Types|S. Cheyney<1>*, P. Webb<2>, C. Green<3>, S. Masterton<4>, S. Campbell<1>$<1> GETECH Group plc
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 16:10~WS04_15|Time-Lapse Gravity Deployment for Hydrocarbon Reservoir Monitoring – Examples of Integrated Applications and Remaining Challenges|M. Glegola<1>*, A. Seregin<1>, O.P. Skogly<1>, M. Hadhrami<2>, H. Van Oeveren<3>$<1> Shell; <2> PDO; <3> NAM
17/10/2021 Workshop 04 10:00~WS04_03|InSAR and EM for a Well Leak|M. Hoversten<1>$<1> Chevron
17/10/2021 Workshop 05 <a href="">WS05: Geothermal Workshop: From Exploration to Production in a Low-Enthalpy Environment</a>
17/10/2021 Workshop 05 09:10~WS05_01|Play Based Geothermal Exploration – Similarities and distinctions to hydrocarbon play assessment|I. Moeck<1>*$<1> LIAG
17/10/2021 Workshop 05 11:40~WS05_06|Geothermal Energy Production: How about induced seismicity hazards?|L. Buijze<1>*$<1> TNO
17/10/2021 Workshop 05 13:40~WS05_09|Geothermal Production & Heat Distribution at ECW Netwerk BV|W. Bos<1>*$<1> ECW Netwerk BV