Community Hub

The Community Hub is the best place to meet with EAGE staff, ask questions about the Annual and the range of services that EAGE provides, like Membership, EarthDoc & LearningGeoscience. The Community Hub is located on the Exhibition Floor, alle community activities will take place in our Community Dome next to the Hub. 

Also featured in the Community Hub area is the Student Zone which organizes and hosts the student activities including the Education Hunt, Exhibition Tour, the GeoQuiz and more. The popular GeoQuiz is a major highlight with many students amassing for a fun afternoon of quizzing, networking and a chance to win great prizes.

We hope to welcome the EAGE regional staff, from our offices in the ‘Middle East, Russia, Asia Pacific, and Latin America’ in Madrid again. They will be available to answer questions about the range of events that EAGE offers across the world in-person and via our online event platform.