EAGE is the largest global community of research and industry geo-professionals dedicated to supporting a multi-disciplinary approach to the investigation of the Earth’s subsurface.

The wide range of expertise in our membership extends from the sustainable utilisation of the Earth’s resources such as oil and gas, geothermal energy, and minerals, to integrity of infrastructure foundations, assessment of ground water conditions, environmental protection, geohazards prevention, agriculture and archaeology.

EAGE and its members are increasingly focused on the energy transition from fossil fuels by promoting the potential of underground carbon capture and storage (CCS) and the wider adoption of alternative energy including geothermal, hydrogen and wind, all options where the geoscience knowledge and experience of our members can have a crucial impact. Often this requires special imaging techniques for the near surface for which there is a long history in geoscience. Newer avenues for geoscience include exploiting the value of digitalisation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

International events, education programmes for professionals at every stage of their career, focused special interest communities including women and students, a portfolio of publications, and a network of local chapters worldwide are all part of the Association’s activities. Constant efforts are made to reach out to universities, relevant industries and government agencies to further knowledge and understanding of the role of geoscience in communities worldwide.