SPE Workshop 3

Designing the Future of the E&P Business

Sunday 4 June 2023 | Room Lehar 4



  • Daniel Arnold (Heriot-Watt University)
  • Jazmin Mota (Edinburgh University)
  • Ben Stewart (Independent)



The future of the E&P industry is in flux as we transition from our traditional oil and gas production business to something new and uncertain. There are multiple alternatives and possible futures that we can design and construct together to develop sustainable business models that enhance our quality of life and contribute to meeting environmental commitments. We propose a workshop to explore our possible futures and the role of technologies, organizations, and people in driving the systemic transformations needed to achieve a more sustainable and just future for all. We propose a one-day workshop split into three stages. 1) An introduction to the energy transition and systems transformation topics, including a range of speakers who will share their ideas and views about future business plans to give the audience food for thought that will be helpful for the next stage. 2) A workshop based on the systems thinking approach and a cognitive mapping tool (online) to organize the audience in groups and ask them to participate actively and co-design the strategies to meet three or four possible futures. Finally, 3) we facilitate a discussion where the groups can share the results from stage two with the other groups and present the alternatives and strategies to achieve those futures.

Creating space for reflection and dialogue where multiple perspectives can be shared and listened to can be beneficial in answering questions such as: what does the future look like? How are the strategies of the oil and gas companies connected to other sectors? What are the opportunities to drive natural and sustainable transformations? Where to start?

The outcome of the workshop will be an improved understanding of possible business model pathways and their impact on what their future might look like. Also, it provides tools and methods that can be used within the companies to explore alternatives for their business and strategies.


Participant Profile

Open to anyone working, connected, or interested in the future of the E&P business.


Workshop Programme

08:30Setting the scene – The big picture
08:50Introduction to the workshop and Housekeeping
09:20Open forum to discuss initial thoughts, ideas, and expectations
09:40Pipes or Cables - a fight for the power super-highways of the future – Francis Cram (Mapstand)
10:00Operations and Property Rights: Unitization, Access, and Operations – Eugene Holubnyak (University of Wyoming)
10:20Questions to the presenters
10:30Panel discussion – The future of the energy transition
10:45Open Q&A session with a panel
11:10Coffee Break
11:30Open Forum – statements, questions, and challenges
12:10Framing: Agree on key issues and items to consider in the workshop exercise
13:25Organise into workshop teams
13:30Workshop exercise training - theory and software introduction – Jazmin Mota
14:15Workshop exercise - Mental mapping of the energy transition
16:15Workshop exercise wrap up with each team
17:00Plenary Discussion and workshop close
17:25End of the Workshop