Tips and Tricks with Chatbot Apps for Geoscientists and Engineers

Presented by the EAGE Artificial Intelligence Committee

Wednesday 12 June – 10:30 to 11:10 CEST

Where: Digital Transformation Area

For all who would like to have a short break from heavy science but still want to learn something, this special session would be a great fit. Get ready to familiarize with Large Language Models and other terminology, as well as with the minimum you need to know to use ChatGPT safely and effectively. You’ll also explore videos and demos of tricks you can take advantage of, such as creating structured data tables from unstructured text.



  1. What is an LLM?
  2. A bit on terminology 
  3. What is the minimum you need to know to use ChatGPT safely and effectively?
    • What is it really trained on?
    • Versions and age
    • How your prompts are reused
  4. Video/Demos of tricks you can use.
  5. Discussion and Questions

About the EAGE A.I. Committee

The EAGE A.I. Committee is a team of EAGE members and volunteers who endeavour to share knowledge and create new connections in the digital transformation that are relevant for geoscientists. In addition to regular contributions to EAGE conferences and workshops, they curate a periodical newsletter  on all things A.I., machine learning and digitalization, as well as interviews  with experts and other initiatives for the community. You are welcome to join the EAGE Artificial Intelligence group  on LinkedIn to receive updates on all future opportunities to get involved.