6 June 2022
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Ongoing Monday to Thursday
Ongoing Monday to Thursday

Icebreaker Reception

Exhibition Floor
19:00 – 21:00 | In-person

Mentoring Meetup

EAGE Community Hub

WGE Special Session


YP Special Session


Professional Portrait Photography

EAGE Community Hub

Speed Mentoring

EAGE Community Hub

EAGE Engage

EAGE Community Hub

Community Programme

The Community Programme enriches your EAGE Annual experience with professional development and networking initiatives. 

Most of the scheduled activities take place at the EAGE Community Hub. Located on the Exhibition Floor, it is the best place to meet with EAGE staff, and ask questions about the Annual and the range of services that EAGE provides, like Membership, EarthDoc & Learning Geoscience.

Please note some of the Community activities take place at different locations within the venue.

Career Advice Centre

Are you ready to give a boost to your career?

The EAGE Career Advice Centre organizes activities that support EAGE members’ professional development and personal growth. 

Check out the enriching sessions we have planned for you:

  • CV Check
  • Professional portrait photography
  • Volunteering corner
  • Speed Mentoring Programme
  • Mentoring Meetup
  • Interactive Session: Skills for the Energy Transition 

NEW! Interactive Session: Skills for the Energy Transition

Thursday 8 June – 10:00 to 11:30
Where: EAGE Community Hub / Theatre

Get ready to engage with companies on skills needed for energy transition roles.  You may also explore opportunities to acquire the right skill set and develop a successful CV for a role of your interest.

EAGE Hackathon

Sunday 4 June – 9:00 to 18:00 CEST

Monday 5 June – 9:00 to 15:45 CEST

Where: Room 1 (Schubert 1)

If you are passionate about machine learning, this challenge is for you. Guided by the EAGE A.I. Committee, you are welcome to join a team and explore innovative solutions on Natural Language Processing (NLP) over the course of two creative and fun days.

hackathon webpage
EAGE Awards 2023 - Opening Session

Monday 5 June – 16:00 to 18:00 CEST

Where: Room Strauss 2-3

Recognizing and honouring scientific advances is an important and integral role of the Association.

We would like to thank all the nominators who submitted an entry: thank you for helping us recognize and celebrate promising talents and great contributions!

The recipients of the 2023 EAGE Awards will be announced during the Annual’s Opening Session.

Best Local Chapter Prizes - Opening Session

Monday 5 June – 16:00 to 18:00 CEST

Where: Room Strauss 2-3

If you are a member of a EAGE Local Chapter, you know it: great work is carried out by our communities worldwide.

To celebrate them, each year EAGE honors two of the most active ones by assigning two prizes: the Best EAGE Local Chapter and the Best EAGE Local Chapter “Newcomer”.

Who will win in 2023? The winners will be announced during the Annuals’ Opening Session.  Join us in celebrating them!

local chapter prizes
Young Professionals Special Session

‘Career Diversity Within and Beyond Geoscience’

Tuesday 6 June – 16:00 to 18:00 CEST

Where: EAGE Community Hub / Theatre

The Young Professionals Community Special Session is a traditional 2 hour gathering where students and young career people come to get input on professional and personal development.

As the boundaries between subjects, technologies, industries and research topics become less obvious, our theme this year is that of multidisciplinarity and diversity of career opportunities within and beyond geoscience.

annual young professionals
Geosecrets of Austria

Wednesday 7 June – 10:00 to 11:30 CEST

Where: EAGE Community Hub / Theatre

With its 2500 years of history and its proud scientific standing, Vienna – the “City of Dreams” – is an incredible host for our Annual Conference & Exhibition this year, and one not to be missed.

Beyond that, the Austrian capital lays in a predominantly mountainous country with spectacular geological features, rich in natural resources including minerals and water.

We gathered a team of local experts to share some of the most exciting stories from Austria’s geoscience landscape and unveil some of its secrets. If you have never been to Vienna, or if you are curious to discover its hidden gems, you are welcome to join!

Vienna Skyline with St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria

Wednesday 7 June – 13:45 to 14:45 CEST

Where: Room Brasserie

In the Annual General Meeting for Members (AGMM), held every year during the EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition, the Board reports about previous year’s activities and discusses topics of importance to members.

The meeting is a valuable way for members to have their say, interact with the Board and contribute to the future of the association.

Women in Geoscience and Engineering Special Session

‘The Role of Women’s Leadership in Securing a Sustainable Future’

Wednesday 7 June – 16:00 to 18:00 CEST

Where: Room Brasserie

The Women in Geoscience & Engineering is EAGE’s longest running Special Interest Community. Next to various activities organized throughout the year, this group leads a special session at each EAGE Annual Conference.

In this occasion, they will focus on women’s leadership role in transitioning to a more sustainable future. The session will also cover topics that showcase how women contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and what it means in tackling energy transition.

women in geoscience and engineering 2
Interpretation Terminator: Rise of the Machines?

Thursday 8 June – 12:00 to 13:30 CEST

Where: EAGE Community Hub / Theatre

Over the past decade, we have seen ML and AI proliferate as seismic assisted interpretation tools. Now, as advanced language models have reached a watershed moment and grow exponentially we ask ourselves, what is the role of machines in our industry and to seismic interpretation? Is it judgement day or our salvation? 

The Committee of EAGE’s Seismic Interpretation Technical Community invites you to a lively and engaging debate to discuss these changes and what it means for our role as geoscientists moving forward.

Technical Communities Dedicated Sessions

Get prepared to broaden your knowledge with the seven dedicated sessions organized by our Technical Communities!

Mineral exploration
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