How to use the Headset receiver

Your Guide to Optimal Access to the Annual Technical Programme 2024

To ensure the best audio experience, we will provide you with a headset & receiver to use in specific parts of our Technical programme.
Look for the symbol on the floorplan and at the room entrances, indicating where headsets are needed.


Headset connect


Volume Control


Channel Selection


Power on

A  headset connect
B  volume control
C  channel selection
D  power on

Here we guide you step by step on how to use the headsets:

  1. Pick up your headset & receiver from designated points (Hall E & Hall D).

  2. Connect your headset to the receiver (you can also connect your own as long as they have standard jack cable).

  3. Turn on the Receiver via the power button (a light indicator on the display will confirm the device is on). The receiver will not be activated unless you connect the headset cable!

  4. Each room is called upon numbers (1,2,3…) corresponding to the channels on your receiver. Select the channel that matches the room you are sitting in.

  5. Keep your receiver visible to receive the signal from the room’s transmitter! You can clip the receiver to your lanyard or jacket.

  6. Adjust the volume at your own comfort using the volume controls.

  7. Something is wrong? Address the issue to one of the headset centre in Hall E.

leave your HEADSET AT THE END OF the DAY


Return your headset before leaving the conference at the end of your day!
Drop it off at the designated points in hall E & D.

This allow us to disinfect the headset and charge the receiver, ensuring a smooth conference experience for the following days!

You can only listen to the channel corresponding to the room you are in. For example, if you are in room 5, tune your receiver to channel 5. Switching to another channel will not work, unless you move to the corresponding room.