Advanced LinkedIn Training: LinkedIn as Personal Business Tool

When: Thursday 9 June, 9:30 – 11:30
Where: Online and streamed at the EAGE Dome

All delegates are welcome to attend. No pre-registration is required.

How can you get noticed and send an effective message across the increasingly loud world of online networking? We asked professional coach Mark White, who specializes in LinkedIn, to share his best tips and tricks to boost your online presence and communications.

LinkedIn continues to hold a pre-eminent position in the world of business, not just as a recruitment or job seeking tool, but as a place where discussions happen, opinions are formed and views are expressed.

In many respects, as a business networking environment, it has become the virtual “water cooler” where a whole range of topics and discussions happen remotely and in open forum. It’s our choice whether we listen, engage and how we get involved.


In this session, we try to bring a number of those strands together to show the breadth of the opportunity that LinkedIn offers us, as individuals and organizations, but also some specifics of how to get the best out of it.

In particular, we will look at:

  • Developments in LinkedIn and how they affect us
  • How to market ourselves, our services and our organizations
  • Posting on LinkedIn and how to gain the best returns
  • Where LinkedIn can help us in our career development