Conference Evening

Wednesday 12 June 2024 | 19:00 - 23:00 | Bygdøy

The conference evening allows attendees to unwind and enjoy good company.

Entrance is included in the full delegate fee and accompanying person registration.

The Oslo 2024 Conference Evening will be held at Bygdøy, a peninsula near the city center with some of Oslo’s most famous museums, and will offer typical Norwegian food and entertainment. With a special venue, we want to give this year’s Annual Conference attendees a unique experience, a museum night filled with art, culture, and local history.

Explore and find your way around Bygdøy, enjoy the most beautiful evening with your fellows, and have some freshly made typical local food and drinks in an informal environment!

The conference evening offers you a complete programme spread out over different areas. At Bygdøy, you can discover Norwegian history, learn about Vikings, explorers, and their maritime history, and see how people lived in various eras of the past.

The conference evening will be spread over three different museums: the Kon-Tiki Museum, Fram Museum, and the Norwegian Maritime Museum, with additional food tents and an outdoor stage.

Norwegian Maritime Museum: Norway is a small country, but big out on the sea. In our exhibitions you will meet the Viking, the sailor and the ship owner, and they all tell their story! In the newly restored boat hall, we show archaeological finds from Oslo and one of the Viking boats from the Gokstad find.


Bygdoy-aerial-view-Oslo (2)

Fram Museum: Come on board Fram and Gjøa, the world’s most famous polar ships. Experience a storm on deck with our award-winning video show around Fram, and explore an expedition-ready ship under deck!

Kon-Tiki Museum: Thor Heyerdahl (1914 – 2002) gained worldwide fame when he crossed the Pacific Ocean on the balsawood raft Kon-Tiki in 1947. Come see the original vessels Kon-Tiki and Ra 2, as well as artifacts from Fatu-Hiva, Galapagos, Easter island, the reed-ship Tigris and excavation of pyramids in Tûcume, Peru. Experience a 30-meter cave tour, an underwater exhibit with a whale shark and Thor Heyerdahl’s library. The original, Oscar-winning Kon-Tiki documentary is screened every day in the cinema.

Museum Hours

All museums are open from 19:00 to 22:00 PM. Please be aware that museums close promptly at 22:00 PM and the conference evening’ s programme will continue at the outdoors area.

Transportation and Timing

EAGE will arrange transportation (ferry/ bus) for all participants to depart from our designed meeting points at Aker Brygge to Bygdøy. 

The meeting point for bus or ferry transport is at the Aker Brygge dock, in the center of Oslo, easily accessible and well-signposted for your convenience.


Departure from Aker Brygge dock (City Center) to Bygdøy between 18:40 and 19:55.

Return from Bygdøy back to Aker Brygge dock (City Center) between 22:45 and 23:30.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time to ensure you do not miss your transport.

Important: Ferries and buses will follow a strict departure schedule. Make sure you are on the departure locations on time. Delegates who prefer to use their own transportation need to arrange it themselves. Taxis will be available in both Aker Brygge and Bygdoy for convenience.

Access to FRAM museum is complimentary for all EAGE Annual Delegates from June 10 – June 14. Please make sure to show your badges at the entrance.