Dedicated Session by the Decarbonization & Energy Transition Community

When: Tuesday 7 June from 15:15 to 18:15 CEST
Where: Room TBC and Online


The EAGE Decarbonization & Energy Transition community looks forward to seeing you at their dedicated session on “Energy Transition Technologies Powering Progress towards a Net Zero Future” chaired by:

  • Carla Martín Clavé (Jacobs), co-chair of the DET Committee
  • Benjamin Bellwald (Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research A.S.)
  • Augusto Correnti (Shell)


Summary of the session

Efforts in energy transition and decarbonization are of the utmost urgency, and measures should be taken with immediate effect. In this dedicated session we welcome contributions about technologies with the potential to significantly power a net zero future. The session covers technological solutions focusing on shallow and deep subsurface and beyond, spanning from offshore wind to carbon capture and storage including hydrogen and geothermal energy solutions. The implications related to the decisions made during the climate conference in Glasgow (COP26) will further be discussed during this dedicated session.



  • Mr Max Brouwers (Getech)
  • Dr Marc Blaizot (AVENIA)
  • Dr Christopher Banks (Schlumberger)
  • Dr Pablo Rodriguez Salgado (Icrag)
  • Dr Hamid Reza Nasriani (University of Central Lancashire)
  • Dr Anna Lim (Argeo)


Check the full programme below and visit the EAGE Community Hub to learn more about DET and all our technical communities. You are also welcome to join the DET LinkedIn group to connect with the community and learn about their next activities.