Field Trip 3: Hovedøya

Field Trip 3

Field Trip 3



Monday 10 June 2024


Cambrosilurian succession of the Oslo Region including some insights on Caledonian and Permian deformation.

The island of Hovedøya is only 5 minutes sailing from the Oslo harbor and the Askerhus castle. Mooring on the northern corner, delegates will walk across the southern part of the island, focusing on three uppermost Ordovician formations: Skogerholmen, Husbergøya and Langøyene. Along the walk, the group will pass the ruins of a Cistercian monastery dating back to 1147 which was destroyed after the reformation in Norway in 1536.

We will have lunch at the café by the monastary. Afterwards we will look at the transition between Ordovician and Silurian systems, Silurian strata being exposed in the southeastern part of the Island.

The explanations given by the guides will include some information on the formation of nodules limestones and their inferred significance as paleo-climate indicators. The geological development of the Oslo Region will be discussed, with focus on its evidence for tectonic inheritance and plate tectonic palaeo-climate interaction.

Field Trip Leaders

Nicola Kerstin Møller and Morten Bergan (Lead Geologists Equinor and NGF)

Health and Safety Requirements

  • Good physical condition
  • Terrain boots
  • Rain gear if necessary


All time in CEST

08:00Depart from NOVA Spektrum
08:45Meet at Oslo Ferry
09:00 Arrival on site
09:00 – 12:30Walk
12:30 – 13:30Lunch
14:00Back in Oslo

Meeting Point

Depart from the conference venue at NOVA Spektrum. The meeting point is at the registration area close to the main entrance in front of hall D. 

Kindly remember to:

  • Bring your delegate badge.
  • Be at the meeting point at least 20 mins before departure.
EAGE Annual 2023 - Fieldtrip Meeting Point - Hall A