Workshop 10

Geoscience and engineering needed for Deep Sea Mining Friday June 14th | Room 12


  • Egil Tjåland (Norwegian Forum for Marine Minerals/NTNU)
  • Ebbe Hartz (AkerBP)


Research on geophysical, geological, biological and engineering aspects of seabed mining is crucial for a responsible development of a new industry. Such research may enable a responsible extraction of valuable minerals that are becoming scarce on land, supporting the global demand for metals essential for the energy transition including renewable energy systems and electronics. Furthermore, understanding deep sea environment and hydrodynamics helps in designing engineering solutions that can withstand extreme pressures, low temperatures, and corrosive conditions, ensuring the safety and efficiency of such mining operations.


Comprehensive mapping and assessing the distribution of mineral resources, and benthic fauna is vital for planning sustainable extraction processes. Shared data-platforms and use of artificial intelligence will create common grounds for scientists and decision makers. Engineering research, on the other hand, contributes to the development of innovative technologies for exploration, extraction, and processing to minimize environmental footprint of mining activities. It also facilitates the advancement of remote and autonomous systems for seabed operations, reducing human exposure to hazardous conditions.


Research in these fields informs policy-making and the development of regulatory frameworks that balance economic interests with the preservation of deep sea ecosystems. The deep sea is a poorly understood and sensitive environment, thus geological and biological science need to collaborate in resource and impact mapping ensuring that seabed mining does not irreparably harm marine habitats.


The workshop will gather experts on key elements of these challenges to give an insight to the current development and status for exploration and extraction technologies. Furthermore, the workshop will address debates following each session to get a deeper insight into the cutting edge of research of this important topic.


Participant Profile

Geophysicists, geologist, engineers, data scientists and innovators from the deep sea mining industry, energy industry, research institutes and from academia are welcome to the workshop. We also encourage stakeholders within public management, political parties, and business to participate in the workshop.

Workshop Programme

08:30Introduction Workshop HSE -Chairmen
08:45Underway bathymetry and the quest to map the ocean floor - Lars Ruepke (GeoMar)
09:05Ocean current interaction with seamounts: implications for sediment plume transport and dispersion - Daniel Walter Schmid (Bergwerk)
09:25Strategic deployment of AUVs for data-driven exploration of Seafloor Massive Sulfides: Bridging scales and knowledge gaps - Anna Lim (ARGeo)
09:45Panel Discussion: Data and models for resources and impact of potential seabed mining
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Common acquisition platforms for the energy evolution including SMS – a discussion - Bent Erlend Kjølhamar (TGS)
10:50Multiphysical data to explore for deepsea massive sulphides – Dag Helland Hansen (EMGS ASA)
11:10New drilling technology will greatly reduce environmental impact of exploration and production of subsurface seabed minerals - Per Erik Berger (Coreall)
11:30Panel Discussion: Can we apply oil and gas technology to explore and produce marine minerals
11:45Lunch Break
13:15Marine mining: Data-driven kick-starters and showstoppers - Ebbe Hvidegård Hartz (AkerBP)
13:35Geophysical challenges for seabed mineral exploration - Svein Arne Frivik (Shearwater Geoservices)
13:55Designing a Deep-Sea Mining system for Seafloor Massive Sulphides in the Norwegian jurisdiction - Maxime Lesage (Green Minerals)
14:15Environment and resource exploration – Experience based and data driven approach to smart work programs - Alden Denny (Chief Geoscientist, Adepth Minerals).
14:35Panel Discussion: Update on resources, impacts and refinement for potential seabed mining
15:00End of Workshop