Workshop 12

FWI Imaging

Monday 5 June 2023 | Room Lehar 1



  • Fabio Mancini (Blue Ocean Seismic)
  • Nabil Masmoudi (CGG)
  • James Cooper (CGG)
  • Stephane Operto (Université de Nice, Sophia Antipolis)
  • Paul Williamson (TotalEnergies)



In recent years, Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) has evolved beyond a tool for velocity model building, into a viable alternative to conventional subsurface imaging. Modern implementations of FWI utilize more of the seismic wavefield, over a broader bandwidth, to derive images of the subsurface with improved illumination and resolution when compared to traditional imaging approaches. Underpinning the success of these methodologies is a rich and rapidly growing area of research, from which a multitude of technologies has emerged, ranging from alternative objective functions to new wave equation parameterizations. The objective of this workshop is to review the latest developments in these areas, highlight successful approaches, such as FWI Imaging (also known as FWI-derived reflectivity), and to discuss remaining challenges. We will also seek to understand the connection between the FWI-based methods and related strategies such as Least Squares Reverse Time Migration (LSRTM).


Participant Profile

Researchers and practitioners interested in seismic imaging and full waveform inversion


Workshop Programme

09:30Welcome and introduction
09:35Can FWI replace everything? – Mike Warner (S-Cube & Imperial College London)
10:00Full waveform inversion derived pre-stack reflectivity approach – Denes Vigh (SLB)
10:15On the quest to achieve AVA attributes: Has FWI Imaging superseded the conventional workflow? – James McLeman (DUG)
10:30Leveraging recent developments in wavefield focusing and redatuming in full-waveform seismic imaging – Ivan Vasconcelos (Utrecht University)
10:45QA & Discussion
11:10Coffee Break
11:30The end of seismic migration? – Eric Verschuur (Delft University of Technology)
11:45Processing/migration life support: advances and challenges with FWI imaging – Rodney Johnston (BP)
12:00FWI Imaging: the future or merely derivative? – Simon Baldock (TGS)
12:15The role of FWI Imaging in compensating for transmission loss – James Cooper (CGG)
12:30QA & Discussion
14:00Data and parameter hierarchization in multi-parameter waveform inversion – René-Édouard Plessix (Shell Global Solutions International)
14:15Full waveform inversion of broadband data: moving to multi-parameter inversion with structure-preserving anisotropic diffusion filters – Ludovic Métivier (CNRS Univ. Grenoble Alpes / SEISCOPE)
14:30Estimating reliable earth properties from simultaneous inversion – N. Chemingui (PGS)
14:45Q&A Discussion
15:05Open Panel Discussion and Concluding Remarks
15:25End of the Workshop