Workshop 13

Geostatistics and its Latest Developments Using Machine Learning Methods

Sunday 4 June 2023 | Room Lehar 1



  • Luc Sandjivy (ERMS)
  • Alessandro Mannini (Beach Energy)



The main objective of the workshop is to share and discuss the place of geostatistics in the world of AI and machine learning applied to geosciences.

Since its inception in the 1970s, geostatistics has developed in two main areas, spatial statistics and probabilistic modeling. Its progress and acceptance by the geosciences community have always been conditioned by computing power and costs. In the digital age, these constraints have disappeared, unleashing the power of geostatistical algorithms to best valorize large seismic and well data sets.

Geostatistics is poised to address two major challenges facing operating companies: How best to manage uncertainty and how to ensure the transfer of in-house expertise to the next generation of digital geoscientists?

Experts, academics, software developers and users will come together to share their experiences, explain how they are integrating AI into their developments and operations today, and what key performance indicators they offer.


Participant Profile

The workshop will cover topics of interest to experienced practitioners from industry and academia, as well as those without a background in spatial statistics or probabilistic modeling but interested in AI applied to the geosciences. Workshop attendees will get a broad overview of how geostatistics is integrating the AI world and spreading into industry. We invite participants to share their experiences (successes and challenges) in the form of case studies for discussion, including business goals, feasibility assessment, workflows, interpretation results and remaining uncertainties!


Workshop Programme

09:30Workshop Introduction
Session 1: Memories from the past
09:50A 50-year wait for HPC – L. Sandjivy (ERM.S France)
10:10An unexpected geophysical journey – A. Mannini (SANTOS Australia)
10:30Sharing mutual experiences – All participants
11:00Coffee break
Session 2: AI Expectations and KPI’s
11:30E&P AI Expectations – TBC
11:50E&P AI KPI's – TBC
12:10Sharing views – All participants
12:30Lunch Break
Session 3: Geostat ML algos: Where are we today?
13:30Human Assisted Artificial Intelligence – A. Shtuka (SEISQUARE France)
14:00Generative adversarial neural networks – L. Mosser (AKER BP Norway)
14:30The SPDE approach – N. Desassis (Centre de Geostatistique ENSMP France)
15:00Coffee Break
Session 4: A Geostat AI Manifesto
15:30For a profitable and sustainable management of Earth Resources – L. Sandjivy (ERM.S France)
15:50Let’s make it work – A. Mannini (SANTOS Autsralia)
16:10Joint statement – All participants
17:00End of the Workshop