Workshop 14

Future Challenges in Geochemical Research for a Sustainable Environment

Sunday 4 June 2023 | Room Lehar 2



  • Isabelle Kowalewski (IFPEN)
  • Adriana Lemgruber Traby (IFPEN)
  • Jérôme Sterpenich (Univ. de Lorraine/Géoressources)
  • Sabine Mehay (SLB)



The workshop will address current and future challenges and research directions facing geochemistry to contribute to the rapid development of a sustainable environment. The workshop will provide an overview of recent geochemical development, from analysis to modeling, for the exploration and production field, for new energy resource assessment and for carbon subsurface storage. Geochemical analytical and numerical approaches will be illustrated on application cases. The objective is to address and to take the opportunity to discuss in depth the future challenges we will face to move faster and better towards a decarbonized world.


Participant Profile

The target audience is geoscientists from industry and academia who are interested in improving knowledge about new advances in geochemistry and geomodelling in a sustainable framework and exchanged on new research issues.


Workshop Programme

09:30Welcome Remarks
Session 1: Innovative analytical geochemistry developments
Chair: J. Sterpenich (Georessources, Univ. de Lorraine)
09:35The different applications of mineral fluid inclusions in the renewable energies context. What can they add to conventional methods? – S. Renard (IFPEN)
10:05How to acquire thermodynamic and transport properties of hazardous gases in aqueous solution under geological conditions of pressure and temperature? – J. Sterpenich (Georessources)
10:35Studying the use of deep underground environments using micro and millifluidics tools – S. Marre (CNRS, ICMCB
11:05Coffee Break
11:30Measuring the temperature of geological processes with carbonate clumped isotope thermometry Geothermal fluid geochemistry – S. Bernasconi (ETH)
12:00Geochemistry in He and H2 exploration – B. Hauville (45-8)
12:30Q&A Panel / Round Table
Session 2: Geochemical and basin numerical applications for a sustainable environment
Chairs: A. Lemgruber-Traby (IFPEN), S. Mehay (SLB)
14:00Challenges in geochemical modeling of fluid mixing and fluid-rock interaction – T. Hantschel (Terranta)
14:30Machine learning to speed up reactive transport modeling in the context of the energy transition: Application to a hydrothermal dolomitization model for future coupling with basin modeling – N. Collard (IFPEN)
15:00Coffee Break
15:30Application of reactive transport modeling of CO2 in saline aquifers at basin scale – J. Hidalgo & A. Kauerauf (SLB)
16:00Q&A Panel / Round Table
Session 3: Geochemistry for climate and sustainable environment
Chairs: I. Kowalewski (IFPEN), S. Mehay (SLB)
16:30Round Table
17:00Wrap-up Discussion
17:30End of the Workshop