Workshop 14

Beyond Elastic: The multicomponent part of seismic Sunday June 9th | Room 14


  • Adriana Citlali Ramirez (TGS)
  • Emin Sadikhov (Equinor)
  • John Brittan (PGS)
  • Espen Raknes (AkerBP)


The workshop aims to evaluate the current use of elastic theory, shear wave and velocity information, and multicomponent seismic measurements. In Geophysics we are equipped with algorithms, theories, and equations that explain elastic propagation, measurements, decomposition and utilizations. As practitioners, we are committed to understanding and addressing the unresolved challenges impeding the widespread implementation and use of elastic information crucial to subsurface characterization. We are eager to discuss this from a technical and business perspective.

The workshop will feature three key segments:

  1. The forgotten part of multicomponent measurements: Despite the comprehensive nature and high cost associated with OBN data acquisition, practitioners often underutilize approximately three-fourths of the available data, the elastic part. This segment will assess the status, amount of underutilized data, and challenges faced in fully leveraging these.
  2. Assessing the status and efficacy of current technologies: Delving into the advancements in elastic FWI and machine learning techniques for elastic property inversion, including challenges and cost relative to acoustic solutions. This segment aims to scrutinize whether current technologies are effectively reducing uncertainties at prospecting and drilling stages.
  3. Evaluating the cost-to-value ratio for end-users: Addressing the financial implications and benefits of incorporating elastic technology, discussions will center on effectively assessing the value proposition of elastic technology to end-users. Is the value clear at derisking prospects? What is the return-on-investment? Is new technology reducing uncertainties and enhancing exploration and production? What is the value for new energy solutions?

Participant Profile

R&D and seismic processing professionals

Students (Geophysics and related topics)

Workshop Programme

08:45Get Ready! - Committee
Session 1
09:10Keynote - Operator's and value perspective– Are Osen (Aker BP)
09:35Keynote - Are we exploiting the full potential of OBN data? – Hossein Mehdi Zadeh (Equinor)
10:00Panel session with keynotes and Q&A
10:15Coffee Break
.Session 2 PS recording and imaging (status and open questions)
10:30Drop & Pop tri-component ArchiNode -Didier Lecerf (PGS)
10:50About imaging and inversion of S waves – Adriana Citlali Ramirez - (TGS)
11:10 Trials, tribulations and silver lining of converted-wave data - regional experiences with PS processing – Marcela Ortin (SLB)
11:30 Panel session with keynotes and Q&A
11:50 Lunch
Session 2: Elastic FWI (unresolved challenges)
13:00Generative Adversarial Networks for elastic full waveform inversion: Sleipner case - Bhargav Boddupalli (SINTEF)
13:20Why FWI should be elastic and more – René Édouard Plessix (Shell)
13:40Converted wave elastic FWI using multi-component OBN data – Andrew Ratcliffe (Viridien)
14:00Panel session with speakers and Q&A
14:20Coffee Break
14:30 Panel Session
.Short intro statement per panelist
.Discussion - Erling Vågnes (Equinor), Wadii El Karkouri (TGS), Helene Veire (Aker BP) and Alexandre Bertrand (Vår Energi)