Workshop 3

Geoscience Driving the De-risking of Commercially Viable Geothermal Systems in Europe

Date: Monday 5 June 2023



  • Ellie MacInnes (CGG)
  • Stephen Hallinan (CGG)
  • Mariane Peter-Borie (CGG)



The workshop will cover geoscience topics related to exploration, production, and monitoring associated with the de-risking of commercially viable geothermal systems in Europe. The impacts of both established and emerging technologies will be discussed, including active and passive seismic, as well as multiphysics techniques. Along with the utilization of existing oil and gas data and technologies (e.g., drilling, completions, infrastructure). The workshop will focus on the requirements for commercial geothermal systems and will include opportunities for co-production which can impact the potential success of a project. Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences and openly discuss the challenges facing the industry today.


Participant Profile

Energy professionals, both technical and managers, who are actively involved in geothermal projects and those that are keen to learn about this subject. Technical aspects covered in the workshop will be suitable for participants with engineering, geological, petrophysical and geophysical backgrounds.


Workshop Programme

09:30General Introduction – E. MacInnes (CGG)
09:45Keynotes from the industry – What does the geothermal industry need? – V. Schmidle (AFPG)
10:15Coffee Break
10:30Keynote Speaker Commerciality – How to decrease the time and the cost of exploration? – P. Dumas (EGEC)
10:50Title TBC – M. Darnet (BRGM)
11:05Title TBC – Speaker TBC
11:30Keynote Speaker Technical – Geoscience driving derisking. How to improve the exploration efficiency? – G. Stern (OMV)
11:50Title TBC – S. Hallinan (CGG)
13:30Workshop session
14:30Coffee Break
14:45Summary by each moderator
15:15Wrap up - Closure
15:30End of the Workshop