Workshop 8

Unveiling the Unseen: Embracing AI’s Power in Interpretation. Monday June 10th | Room 


  • Anastasiia Jacobsen (Bluware)
  • Anita Torabi (University of Oslo)
  • Alessandro Manini (Santos)
  • Brian Eslick (Total Energies)
  • Cyrille Reiser (PGS)
  • James Lowell (Geoteric)
  • Nicolas Daynac (Eliis)


During the workshop, we will review and debate the fusion of human expertise and cutting-edge AI advancements into our entire workflows. Explore seismic interpretation mysteries, reservoir characterisation, and more. Join us for a very engaging workshop that redefines exploration & production and shapes the future of interpretation.

Sub-Topics that will be covered in the workshop:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for:
    • Seismic Data Conditioning
    • Stratigraphic & Fault interpretation
    • Reservoir Properties Estimation 
    • Energy Transition: CCS, Wind
  • Seismic Data Augmentation
  • Methods to validate the result
  • Pitfalls in AI for Seismic Interpretation
  • AI-compatible Data format & Data structure
  • Human and AI: who is better at what?

Participant Profile

Interpreters, quantitative interpretation specialist-geoscientists, management interested in getting a broader understanding how AI fits into the wider scope of interpretation.

Industry and academia background are very welcome as well as people without a specific background in AI or even interpretation who want to know more about this fast developing field of our industry. We invite participants to actively contribute through sharing their experience with case studies, results, algorithms, ..

Workshop Programme

Coming Soon!


09:00Workshop Introduction
09:10Transition to non-fossil energy in Europe - pipe dream or feasible target? Scenarios review – I. Tischenko (OMV)
09:30The use of assisted interpretation tools for extracting new insights from legacy well and seismic data – A. Davies, L. Cowliff, J.C. Wrobel-Daveau, D. Possee, G. Baines, and M. Simmons (Halliburton)
09:50Gádoros Geothermal concession: A breakthrough in geothermal energy utilization in Hungary? – G. Bada, E. Dombrádi, M. Peffer, and B. Saathoff (Aspect Energy)
10:10Guadalquivir Basin (SW Spain). Past, present and future of a mature basin – S. Ledesma (Trinity Energy Storage)
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Case study of a stacked-pay gas discovery in Dnieper Donets Basin, Ukraine – P. Kuzmenko, R. Bodnaruk, A. Ficarra, B. Sralla, and M. Vityk (UGV NaftoGaz)
11:20Should we expect more beyond the Sakarya gas discovery in the deep-water Turkish Black Sea? – Ö. Sipahioğlu, T. Petrolleri, and A. Ortaklığı (TPAO – Turkish Petroleum Corporation)
11:40How the prolific biogenic gas play in the Western Black Sea basin could find its counterpart in the East: a case study in offshore Georgia? – F. Mohamed, H. Peresson, and C. Krezsek (Petrom)
12:00Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene gas potential of the Norwegian Margin – S. Planke (VBER)
12:20Discussions and Lunch Break
13:202D and 3D seismic acquisition in the Western Greece offshore: the last Mediterranean exploration frontier? – A. Pagoulatos, P. Gkotsis, G. Mikoniatis, and C. Turrini (HELLENiQ ENERGY)
13:40Appraisal and Exploration Opportunities in the Kura-Kartli Basin, central Georgia – P. Pace, R. Tevzadze, N. Tevzadze, A. Janiashvili, and M. Sirazde (Pace Exploration and Georgia oil and gas Limited)
14:00A New insight of the External Dinarides – Lika Area, Croatia – D. Takač, L. Dubravko, and G. Jovic (INA)
14:20Evidence of a working hydrocarbon system through active oil and gas seepages and exploration potential of Kyparissiakos Block, offshore Western Greece – A. Stathopoulou, E. Tripsanas, and I. Oikonomopoulos (HELLENiQ ENERGY)
14:40Coffee Break
14:50How the integration of 80 years of E&P data and understandings transform two small onshore gas discoveries into large resources to be developed to sustain country energy security – R. Di Cuia (Delta Energy)
15:10Intra- and subvolcanic geo-energy exploration: one of the final frontiers in Europe – G. Tari (OMV)
15:30Modern concepts related to fractured carbonate reservoir characterisation applied to an old discovery: the birth of a new large onshore field – R. Di Cuia (Delta Energy)
15:50Discussion and concluding remarks
16:00End of the Workshop